Talent Show

Talent Show


Go Fund Events (herein referred to as “SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT” Talent Show”) will be held on First Friday’s of every month at the VFW Post 4706, 5362 Covington Hwy; Decatur, Ga., unless weather conditions are too severe for all performers to perform safely.

Those interested in performing in the Talent Show (herein referred to as “Performer”) must read, UNDERSTAND AND COMPLY with the following Rules and Procedures, fill out the Registration Agreement and Performer Technical Requirements forms, and return them to admin@gofundevents.com, or mail to BTOC, P.O. Box 870006, Morrow, Ga 30260.

  1. A variety of entertainment is encouraged. For example– singing, playing a musical instrument(s), dancing, performing skits, magic tricks, poetry reading, stand-up comedy, juggling, Or any other unique talent! Performance(s) may be solo, duets, or other sizes, but the maximum number of participants in a group act is eight. Animal performances are not allowed. NO LIP-SYNCHING IS ALLOWED.
  2. THE SHOW IS OPEN TO ALL AGES (events may be different locations and dates)
  3. All auditioners/performers must arrive at the audition location and check-in with the Stage Manager an hour prior to the audition on the designated audition day. (if applicable). Complying with this provision is crucial: if the performer does not check in at that time, he/she may not be able to audition or perform.  Our emcee will introduce the auditioner (s) and the show performer(s).  SELF-INTRODUCTIONS ARE NOT ALLOWED.
  4. ***Under aged participants will receive two (1) free passes to enter the audition for the Talent Show (one for the performer and one for a guest/parent/guardian). Accompanying guest/parent/guardian will not be allowed in the backstage area during the audition.****
  5. All performances must be no longer than 3 minutes. (5 minutes will be allowed for set-up/tear down if necessary; plus a 3 minutes performance for a total of 8 minutes.) Performances that exceed three minutes will result in points being deducted.
  6. All performers should remain in attendance for the entire Talent Show for announcement of winners.
  7. “SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT” is a family-oriented event. All acts, lyrics, dancing, costumes/ attire, language, and behavior must be appropriate for all ages. GFE reserves the right to disqualify and withdraw immediately any Performer(s) in noncompliance with this provision.
  8. Any persons performing on stage DURING THE DESIGNATED ACT will be considered part of the performance, subject to all rules and judged accordingly. This includes anyone who serves as live accompaniment to/in the act.
  9. Performers are responsible for all of their required music equipment.   A DJ, if needed, is available, but all DJ music requests must be indicated at audition and duly noted on the registration form.
  10. GFE will provide specific pieces of equipment as listed on the Technical Requirements Form.
  11. Performers please arrive already dressed and properly prepped. Acts are responsible for their own props and costumes/attire.  If an act requires previously recorded music this music must be provided to the TALENT SHOW OFFICIAL AT THE TIME OF THE AUDITION.  The CD must be labeled with the performer’s name and appropriately indicated song title need to accompany the performance. It is the performer(s)’s responsibility to reacquire his/her personal music after the show is over.
  12. Performers must perform the same act that was performed in the audition.
  13. Performers might possibly be allowed to perform twice; if permitted, however, the second performance MUST BE unrelated to the first one (i.e. music and a juggling act could be possibly permissible; singing a solo and then singing in a subsequent duo performance would not be allowed).
  14. Performers must perform the same act that was performed in the audition.
  15. GFE WILL DESIGNATE three (3) judges for all performances.  Judging will be based on the following criteria:
  • Poise (confidence, covers mistakes well, composure) 10 possible points;
  • Physical Appearance (neatness, appropriateness) 5 possible points;
  • Stage Presence (audience appeal, smiling, and performance) 15 possible points;
  • Talent (music, ability, coordination, etc.) 50 possible points; ****???
  • Overall Impression 20 possible points.
  1. The performer(s) with the highest total tally will be deemed the WINNER(S). In the event of a tie, the top contestants(s) will have another opportunity to perform. Afterwards, crowd applause will determine the final winner(s).  A decibel meter will be used to determine crowd applause intensity. In all cases, decisions of the judges are final and will not be open for discussion.

One prize will be awarded for first, second and third place winners, whether it is an individual, duo, or group act. Prize money will be presented at the end of the of show.(for 18 and under only)


Prize money will be as follows: (all prizes are subject to change without notice)  for 18 and under

                   1st place –                                              2nd place –                                           3rd place –

  1. Acts with any member under 18 must have a written consent from parents for each of the members

Talent Show Registration Entry Form

In consideration for the opportunity to participate in the above talent show directed by Go Fund Events you agree that the talent show may be distributed without limitation through any means and that you may or may not receive any compensation for your participation.

You further agree that participating in the talent show confers upon GFE no rights of use, ownership, or copyright, you release (Go Fund Events, its employees, agents, and assigns from all liability for any claims by GFE or any third party in connection with participation in the talent show.

You confirm that all material furnished by you for this talent show is either your own or otherwise authorized for such use without obligation to GFE or to any third party. You also agree to the use of GFE name, likeness, portrait or pictures, voice, and biographical material about GFE for educational, program GFE Publicity and organizational promotional purpose.

You hereby agree and consent to appear on the above-identified program and you promise and obligate yourself to appear thereon unless the program is cancelled or you are indisposed or unable to appear because of a reason or cause unforeseeable at this time.
Media/Modeling/Performing/Narration/Artwork Release Form
Participant Information
Solo Acts
Group Acts
Names/ages of all students in-group
NOTE: Return entry form to admin@gofundevents.com by the deadline date posted at www.gofundevents.com

By signing and submitting this form, you agree to and adhere to the Talent Show Rules and Regulations that could be subject to disqualification if any are not abided by.

I am the parent and or guardian of the above named minor and give permission for him to take rake in this talent show.
Print Name
MM slash DD slash YYYY
For Office Use Only:
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