Urban Dance competition

Urban Dance Competition

“Show Us What You Got” URBAN Dance Competition / SHOWCASE

Brief Description: “Show Us What You Got” Dance Competition is a local and or virtual streaming online weekly exhibit to show the talent of urban dancers all over the world.



Registration Deadlines & Refund Policy:

  • Registration Forms and Fees must be collected PRIOR to actual event. Deadline will be set by event organizer and announced as soon as possible. (NO EXCEPTIONS).
  • Registration Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.


Contestant Rules and Regulations:

  • Contestants are officially entered once the registration forms and fees have been paid in full.
  • Participants must agree to a rehearsal of their routine no later than 24 hours before the actual contest.
  • Participants must give 24 hours cancellation notice, failure to comply will prohibit participation in future events sponsor by this organization.
  • Contestants are to check in at least 1 hour before the competition starts. Couples who have not checked in at that time will not compete and forfeit the registration fees.
  • If there are any changes that need to be made to registration form (i.e. partner change, music selection, etc.) it is the responsibility of the contestants to contact the event organizer ONE DAY before the evening of the event
  • At registration the contestants are asked to submit one photo (digitally) to the event organizer to be used in the promotion of the event. The photo must be of the couples and or groups currently entered into the competition. Be mindful that the photo will be used publicly via social media. .
  • CONTESTANTS DRESS ATTIRE: Contestants are asked to perform in appropriate and complimentary outfits. Costumes are permissible. Please contact the event organizer for more information.
  • Eligible contestants are not required to remain with the same partner if they chose to participate in more than one category. If contestants decide to switch partners for another category, another registration form must be filled out and fees for that category must be collected.


Competition Format


  • Participants will consist of a minimum of 2 couples and groups


  • A brief meeting will be held with the event organizer to go over the rules and to answer any questions that will come up.
  • The order in which contestants will compete depends on when they register.
  • A weekly winner will be named from each category and all winners will be included in the semi- finals.
  • JUDGING: Judges will evaluate each contesting couples and or groups using score cards. After the performance, the score cards will be collected and tallied. All decisions made by judges are final.
  • Performance Duration depending on category must not exceed 10 minutes. Ex.(dance event 3 min) (groups 10 minutes)
  • Routines exceeding 10 minutes will automatically be subject to a ten-point deduction on the overall score.
  • Timing: Execution related to tempo and rhythm of the music
  • Each couple is required to execute basic, intermediate and advanced technical movements and skilled
  • Synchronicity: The chemistry that is displayed between the couple.
  • Technique: How clean and precise the dance is executed.


Amendments to the Rules

  • The event organizer will make every effort to conduct all competitions in accordance with the rules. However, the event organizer reserves the right to make any changes to schedule or format deemed necessary for any competition. Competitors will be informed of all rule changes immediately.

Show us What You Got!

Lead Name
Follower Name
Lead Name
Follower Name
Lead Name
Follower Name
Lead Name
Follower Name

**It is the responsibility of the competitor(s) to review both category rules and general competition rules for a complete understanding of all rules policies and procedures. **

LIABILITY WAIVER As contestants of BTOC/BMC, I agree to hold the organizers and their agents harmless for all suits, claims, or demands of every kind and character arising out of and in conjunction with this event. I also give consent without compensation to BTOC/BMC and its operators the right to video tape or photograph me and use such for promotional and resale usage. Under18 must have Parent or Guardian signature.

MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY

****The event organizer has the right to cancel the category or allow a showcase without cash awards******

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